Suspicious Reflex

Director: Paolo Conti

Technique: Stop Motion

Release in: 2019

Created by: Animaking

Genre:  Animation, Adventure.

Duration: 2 minutes e 56 seconds

Prodution:  Animaking

Short Concept:

In a corridor, a spy is ready to take action. Inside the bathroom, a lovely grandfather takes a shower while reading. He realizes that something is wrong and gets ready. Is your creativity still alive?


  • VIII Visual Festival – Spain 2018 Best animated short


  • Anim!Arte 2018 – 14th International Student Animation Festival of Brazil

Best Short in Latin America – 3rd Place

  • Selected:

AnimaMundi 2018 Rio and São Paulo

Animated Baixada 2018

25ºth Rosario Latin American Film Festival 2018 – Argentina

Cartón Festival 2018

Fourth Pichikeche Children’s Film Festival 2018

ANIMA LATINA 2018 – Argentina

Aqua Film Festival 2018 – Italy

Art All Night – Trenton: 6th Annual Film Festival 2018 – Costa Rica

Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione Città di Benevento 2018 – Italy