The fun life inside the couch world.

Directors:  Paolo Conti e Camila Kauling

Technique: 2D Animation

Project Stage:  Development

Created by:  Animaking

Genre:  Animation and Comedy

Episodes:  52

Duration:  11 minutes/ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking


This series is a comedy about two popcorns with opposite temperaments. They both dropped from the popcorn bucket directly into the crevice of a sofa. Inside there is a universe inhabited by mites and all kinds of objects. Everyday they live adventures interacting with these mites and other objects, which like them, also came to life.


popcorn cine sofa de noite
popcorn pescando de noite
popcorn - servindo farelo
popcorn balcão de trabalho
popcorn fogueira
sr coin em carro