The fun life in the World on the Sofa.

Director:  Paolo Conti and Camila Kauling

Techniques:  2D Animation

Project Stage: Development

Created by:  Animaking

Age group: 09 – 12 years old

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Episodes:  52

Duration:  11 minutos/ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking

Concept Art

Pop&Corn is a comedy about two popcorns with opposing temperaments. The two fell out of the pack of popcorn directly into the crevice of a sofa. Inside the sofa, they live adventures in a universe inhabited by mites and all kinds of objects, which like them also came to life. In this universe, we find a fantastic world full of locations, analogous to the real world, such as cities, mountains, lakes, forests, etc. However, all with thematic, texture and elements of a living room. Pop and Corn live in the City of Crumbs and there interact with the other characters of the series in a context of sitcom.