Directors:  Adir Filho and Paolo Conti

Animation: 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Live action and Puppet

Available: Animaflix and Amazon Prime

Genre: Educational, Comedy

Episodes: 13

Duration: 10 minutes/ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking


“Past in Time” is a series of animated comedy performed in various techniques – computer graphics, pixilation, frame-by-frame animation and others, in the format of a humorous magazine of Brazilian history. The plot consists of an eccentric gallery of presenters located in a fictional museum, each addressing the theme of the episode from its own specific point of view. The original vision of the show, is to present a great theme of national history as an almanac of varieties and humorous reviews. They punctuate the subject and innovate, transforming static content into living comments, that create a rich and diverse overview of relevant themes in the period covered. and its validity to this day.

Videos and Images 

Passado da hora - esmeralda02
Passado da hora -rex03
Passado da hora - marechal03
Passado da hora - ramona03
Passado da hora - ned nerd 01
Passado da hora -victor03
Passado da hora - ramises03
Passado da hora - ned nerd 03