Saving the world inch by inch


Director:  Paolo Conti

Co-director:  Arthur Nunes Medeiros

Techniques: Stop-Motion

Release info:

Brazil (Dec, 2013),

The USA (March, 2015),

France (October, 2015)

Production Companies


Created by:   Paolo Conti  and Arthur Nunes

Writing Credits: Romeu Di Sessa, Marcos Bernstein, Melanie Dimantas, Thomas LaPierre, Paolo Conti, Joana Bocchini.

Audience:  Family
Genre:  Animation, Comedy and Adventure.
Runtime: 82 minutes
Producer:  Paolo Conti and Paulo Boccato,
Production:  Animaking Studios, Glaz Entertainment, Fox International  and Globo Filmes.


Worms is a great adventure based on the fable of the central character’s ripening, a pre-adolescent worm. The film tells the story of a worm boy named Junior who has difficulty integrating with a group of worms in his condominium. Kidnapped by a human shovel, Junior lives an off-earth adventure that will transform his life forever. In the midst of an action adventure that explores topics such as planet sustainability, recycling and reuse of industrialized materials, Junior discovers that values ​​such as respect, trust and friendship are the only weapons that can help us overcome the obstacles of our lives.