Saving the world inch by inch


Director:  Paolo Conti

Co-director:  Arthur Nunes Medeiros

Techniques: Stop-Motion

Release info:

Brazil (Dec, 2013),

The USA (March, 2015),

France (October, 2015)

Production Companies


Created by:   Paolo Conti  and Arthur Nunes

Writing Credits: Romeu Di Sessa, Marcos Bernstein, Melanie Dimantas, Thomas LaPierre, Paolo Conti, Joana Bocchini.

Audience:  Family

Genre:  Animation, Comedy and Adventure.

Runtime: 82 minutes

Producer:  Paolo Conti and Paulo Boccato,

Production:  Animaking Studios, Glaz Entertainment, Fox International  and Globo Filmes.

Concept Art

Inspired by the short Worms, winner of 11 Awards in Brazil, including Anima Mundi Rio and São Paulo, Granimado Festival and the JVC Tokyo – Excellence Award,  Animaking brings to the world market the 1st super production in animation in Brazil. Directed by Paolo Conti, at Animaking Studios, located in Sapiens Park (www.sapiensparque.com.br) where animation, innovation in the genre Stop Motion, was produced to enchant and mark a new moment for the Brazilian animation market.