The spy who forgets too much

Director:  Paolo Conti

Techniques: Stop-Motion

Release info:  Developing

Created by:   Animaking Studios

Audience: Family

Genre:  Animation, Adventure.

Duration: 82 minutes

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking Studios


Sean Roger Worm is an old, senile worm who has been talking to an imaginary friend, an old secret agent named Jack Worm. His daughter Sandra is so involved with her work in Insect City that she scarcely pays attention to her father and her adopted daughter Vicky, an insect girl who will graduate by the end of the year and live the pressures of every teenager. The stories of Grandpa, Sandra, and Vicky mingle when an old enemy of Grandpa Worm’s past returns to destroy the city. Vicky learns that her grandfather and agent Jack Worm are the same person, and that her grandfather doesn’t remember that. Now Grandpa Worm, with Vicky’s help, will be back active as she tries to remember her past, and she will find out why she was adopted by a worm family.