The spy who forgets too much

Director:  Paolo Conti

Techniques: Stop-Motion

Release info:  Developing

Created by:   Animaking Studios

Audience: Family

Genre:  Animation, Adventure.

Runtime: 82 minutes

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking Studios

Concept Art

“The spy who forgets too much” is a stop motion animation project with 90 minutes focused on the family audience. This is the second feature film from director Paolo Conti and Animaking Studios.

The project was selected in 2014 in the Brazilian Development Edict “Núcleos Criativos” managed by ANCINE and is now under development. In parallel, it began attracting film resources – Budget Estimated production in Brazil of US$ 4.0 millions – The amount already raised is U$ 895,000.00.

Some characters, setting and the first treatment of the script have already been developed.

The first feature of the director and the producer was the “Worms” (Stop motion – 80min), which had a total budget of US $ 2.5 millions. It was released in theaters in 2013 in Brazil by Globo Filmes and Fox films and after that, in 2015 it was released in over 30 countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada and France. All releases were small, but the technical quality of the production was the certainty for release in commercial cinemas in several countries