Mascot League

Director: Camila Kauling

Technique : 3D Animation

Released : 2019

Client:  Liga dos Mascotes

Duration: 1 minute

Production: Animaking, Fullframe


 Mascots are on the loose for a lot of fun and friendship in this web series where soccer is just a backyard joke with friends. The dream of entering the stadium brings the fantasy of children to light. The League of Mascots series aims to stimulate a new generation of fans through gags featuring the mascots of the main teams of Brazilian football. The series seeks to entertain children and impact them with their team at heart. Through episodes that encourage fair play, teamwork, collaboration, play and friendship, the web series has the mission of collaborating with the effort that clubs have been making so that football stadiums are becoming a space for each day. family life. The League of Pets series is an initiative of the largest football clubs in Brazil. The clubs that have already been hired are: Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians, Sao Paulo and Vasco. The next clubs to be hired are: Flamengo, Palmeiras, Botafogo, Fluminese, Grêmio, Inter, Cruzeiro, Santos. Others under negotiation.

Available on Mascot League channel