New series based on the book by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo.

Directors: Camila Kauling e Paolo Conti

Techniques:  2D Animation

Project Stage: Development

Created by:  Animaking

Age group: 03 – 06 years old

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Episodes:  52

Duration: 07 minutes / ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking

Concept Art

The unifying concept of the series is the presentation of various rites of passage – the obli- gations and dramas lived by children – fears and challenges, through the symbols deve- loped from the well-known children’s book Chapeuzinho Amarelo by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo, A theatrical and lyrical form, a moral sense that motivates self-control, self-esteem – and the consequent maturation of these children, each episode, with a different theme. The series then deals with the confrontation of the infantile fears (the mentioned rites of passage), in a series of incarnations of the frightening shadow of Little Hood that turns into Wolf; In the personification of childhood in the form of the girl / main character, through the light of reason (maturation) in the form of word and image process that has a corres- ponding symbolic color and culminates with the eradication of fear.