New TV series based on the book by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo. 

Director:  Camila Kauling and Paolo Conti

Technique: 2D Animation

Release info: In production

Created by:  Animaking Studios

Audience:  06 – 09 years

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama.

Number of episodes:  13

Runtime: 07 minutes/ep

Producer:   Paolo Conti

Production:   Animaking Studios

Concept Art

Little Hood of all colors is an animation series held in the technique of 2D Digital animation, in the format of 13 episodes of 7 minutes each. The series is an adaptation of the literary work Chapeuzinho Amarelo, whose central theme is the overcoming of children’s fears through daily rites of passage. In the book written by Chico Buarque and illustrated by Ziraldo, Chapeuzinho Amarelo surpasses her fears without the aid of a guide, adult or magical entity; She overcomes her fears in a solitary way, maturing while playing with the formal structure of words. Following this narrative structure, the original vision of the series consists of the presentation of a new color of the hat and a new rite to each episode.