New series based on the book by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo.

Directors: Camila Kauling e Paolo Conti

Techniques:  2D Animation

Project Stage: Development

Created by:  Animaking

Age group: 03 – 06 years old

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Episodes:  52

Duration: 07 minutes / ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking


The unifying concept of the series is the presentation of various rites of passage the obligations and dramas lived by children fears and challenges, through the symbols developed from the well known children’s book Chapeuzinho Amarelo by Chico Buarque and Ziraldo, A theatrical and lyrical form, a moral sense that motivates self control, selfesteem  and the consequent maturation of these children, each episode, with a different theme. The series then deals with the confrontation of the infantile fears (the mentioned rites of passage), in a series of incarnations of the frightening shadow of Little Hood that turns into Wolf; In the personification of childhood in the form of the girl / main character, through the light of reason (maturation) in the form of word and image process that has a corresponding symbolic color and culminates with the eradication of fear.

Concept Art