Brazilian Legends


Director:  Camila Kauling

Techniques:  Cut out – Animação 2D

Created by:  Animaking

Available: Animaflix and  Amazon Prime

Genre: Adventure and Comedy

Episodes: 13

Duration: 05 minutes/ep

Producer:  Paolo Conti

Production:  Animaking


AnimaCriança – Lendas Brasileiras is a series of animation made using 2D Digital animation technique, in the format of 13 episodes of 5 minutes each. Each episode is a Brazilian Legend told by a child’s perspective. The series uses the original children’s drawings and stories as a starting point for the production of the episodes. Respecting the imaginative child and the visual aesthetics of the child’s drawing. Each episode represents a Brazilian Legend told by a child’s perspective, as if she was telling a curious or incredible case from her own point of view. The result of this process is a series that doses its figurative and abstract language to illustrate national legends.

Videos and Images: