Brazilian Legends


Director: Camila Kauling

Techniques: Cut out e Animation 2D


  • TV Brasil: Every Saturday at 11:30 a.m.
  • TV Culture: Monday – Friday at 7:25 a.m.

Created by: Animaking

Faixa etária:  06 – 09 anos

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Episodes: 13

Duration: 05 minutes / ep

Producer: Paolo Conti

Production: Animaking

Video and Concept Art

The central concept of the project is to understand in each episode the true relationship between the child, its illustration and its narrative voice, that is its own interpretation of a Brazilian legend. We provoke the child narrator to insert itself within the narrative, going from simple narrator to protagonist and thus leading the tale to an unexpected outcome. Considering that the Brazilian Legends are popularly known, this narrative interference creates a moment and a new place in the stories, which otherwise would only be reproductions of the legends in the traditional molds.
The project provides the unique opportunity to understand children’s perception of the Brazilian Legends and their materialization in the form of their artistic production; While professional intervention always happens delicately trying to maintain and maximize the original idea of the child, giving life to these original concepts created by children.
The singularity of each point of view (of each child) determines a different tone for each episode, being determined mainly by the direct relation between the child and the emotion that it feels about the legend in question.